How to Read a Book…or at least this one.

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The Credibility Question
Who cares? Why should I listen to Hovda?

Secrets to Easy Leadership
How can I easily become an effective leader?

Courage to Be Different
Calling a thermometer a “thermostat” doesn’t make it a thermostat.

Promotion—Now What?
Help! I am now “one of them.”

Life Lesson from a Flight Instructor
Precisely navigating with an unreliable compass.

Embracing Change, and Tradition
Seven words of a dying career.

A Seminal Career Tip: Leading Change
Leveraging the power of the first follower.

Critical Thinking, or Lack Thereof
Thoughts on thinking.

A Meds-Free Stress Control
Assuming noble intent.

Subconsciously Motivating Others
Embracing intrinsic value.

Stress-Free Delegation, or at Least Minimized
Strategy for tackling the number-one reason supervisors fail.

Communicating Is Not Dueling Soliloquies
Secrets to ratcheting up your verbal credibility.

Meetings. Really?
Quit taking minutes and stealing hours.

Making Peace with Conflict
How to win the person and not just the point.

Untidy Organizational Skills
The ability to retrieve.

Customers are Number One. It’s a Lie!
You can’t display what you don’t possess.

Team Building or Cat Herding
Why are we still trying to row the boat faster with the anchor out?

Political Savvy: It Is Not What You Think
Learn how to engage politically without feeling the need to shower afterward.

Time Management, and Other Myths
It is time to get serious!

What Is…What Is to Be
Process and purpose!

Peer-Leadership Quotations

My GPS Action Plan